Inspired by a desire to create timeless upscale bijoux jewelry, Carolina Neri and Bérengère Lux, longtime friends even before becoming business partners, founded CA&LOU in 2010 as both a challenge and a bet.

Theirs was a creative concept which promptly translated into unique linear pieces distinctly Made in Italy: gorgeous creations, stunningly original, which captured the attention of buyers and fashion editors alike.

After revisiting the evening bag that proved so popular in recent collections, CA&LOU entered the world of fabric accessories, presenting headbands, belts and chokers along with the evening bags. Thus meeting the demand for an ever wider range of accessories, always devoted to an impeccably high-end design.

The aesthetic vision offers flashback glimpses of a time when adornment ruled.
Statement pieces spark memories of a time when women proudly wore iconic, standout jewelry. As such, they represent a playful mix & match of timeless bijoux and accessories.